Elevate Your Look With Fidalgo Eyewear

The Ultimate Destination for Quality and Style

Welcome to Fidalgo Eyewear, a young independent manufacturer and distributor of premium eyewear and sunglasses in the United States.

Fidalgo Eyewear Group specializes in premium eyewear products, dedicated to providing customers with the highest-quality and most comfortable products through its Manufacturing and Wholesale Distribution segments. 

The company was founded by Lucindo Fidalgo in 2023 and is headquartered in Naples, Florida. Its flagship brand, Fidalgo Eyewear, is crafted using a combination of traditional hand-finishing techniques and modern technologies. Crafted from the finest materials available, the frames feature Italian cellulose acetate from Mazzucchelli, a company renowned for producing some of the world's best acetate since 1849. The blend of Italian and French acetate adds to the frame's quality and durability.  The company is also committed to sustainability, making efforts to minimize its environmental impact in the production process. 

Fidalgo Eyewear Group is dedicated to delivering premium eyewear products to customers while maintaining its commitment to quality and affordability, making it a valuable investment for those seeking high-end eyewear. 

Fidalgo Eyewear is the flagship brand of the Fidalgo Eyewear Group and offers a blend of both practicality and fashion-forward design. 

With its vibrant colored frames, these sunglasses are perfect for adding a pop of color to your summer outfits. 

The contemporary casual style appeals to both men and women, making them a versatile accessory for anyone looking to make a stylish statement. 

Whether you're after a cool and stand-out look or simply looking for a practical yet trendy pair of sunglasses, Fidalgo Eyewear has got you covered.